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1-Way and 2-Way upgradable Car Alarm (PF-809)
  • Product ID : PF-809
  • Description :

1-way Car Alarm (2-Way Upgradable). This Car Alarm can be upgraded into 2-Way system by adding an LCD remote control and an Antenna, so called PF-10 upgrade kit.


Specifications :
2-Way Upgradable Car Alarm.
3 built-in relay.
Remote anti hi-jack.
Special AHJ or headlight on warning.
Full security function.

Standard Feature :
Code learning.
Code hopping-keeloq technology.
code combination over 16 million.
Anti scan/anti grab.
Onboard relays for central door lock output.
Onboard relay for parking light flash.
Dome light supervision.
Car finder.
Auto rearm.
Different trigger tone.
Remote panic.
Remote Anti-Hijack.
Special Anti-Hijack.
Headlight on warning.
Anti-Hijack engine cut off pre-warning.
LED with 7 displays function.
Defective zone bypass.
Power interrupt alarm memory.
30 sec. siren duration with auto reset.
Valet switch.
Transmitter auto cut off.
Arm in mute / Sensor bypass.
Dual stage trigger.
Multi channel transmitter (2 or 4 button).
2nd channel output.
Security override mode.
Audible / Visible alarm memory.
Programmable Features
Passive arming.
Passive locking.
Ignition lock / Unlock.
Central door lock output time 0.8/4.0sec.