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1-Way and 2-Way upgradable Car Alarm (PF-628K)
  • Product ID : PF-628K
  • Description :

1-Way Car Alarm.
This Car Alarm can be upgraded into 2-Way system by adding an LCD remote control and an Antenna, so called PF-10 upgrade kit.


code Learning
Hopping Code
Car Finder
Different Trigger Tone
Remote Panic
Anti-Hijack by Remote
Audible Alarm Memory
Code Combination Over One Trillion
Special Anti-Hijack
Smart LED
Defective Zone Bypass
“+ / -” door trigger Input
Power interrupt alarm Memory
Keyless Entry
30 sec. Siren Duration W/ Auto Reset
Onboard Dual Contact Relay for Parking Light flash
Shock Sensor Bypass by Remote
Transmitter Auto Cut Off
Silent Arm by Remote
Dual Stage Trigger
Multi Channel Transmitter
2nd Channel Output
Key Protection Override Mode
Back Up +12V Power Source
Driver Door Unlock First
Pager Output
Valet Switch
3rd Channel Output
2 Sensor Port
Trunk Open Bypass
2-Way Upgradable Car Alarm

Passive Arming
Safety door lock upon IGN On/ IGN Off then door unlock
Passive Locking
Central Door Lock Output
2nd Channel Output Timing
2nd Channel Output Duration
3rd Channel Output Timing
3rd Channel Output Duration
Driver Door Unlock First
Arm/Disarm Ground Output (Software)