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Passive-Keyless-Entry Car Alarm (EZ-135K)
  • Product ID : EZ-135K
  • Description :

With the handset of the alarm system, Driver can easily arm/lock or disarm/unlock the car while go inside the PKE range. It can also prevent the car from being driven away while in carjacking condition.


Standard Features:
1. Stable 131KHz PKE range
2. Smart Power Saving Mode
3. Hand free ARM / DISARM
4. Dynamic Immobilizer
5. Smart Anti-Hijack
6. Auto Re-Arming function
7. Ignition Safety Door Lock function
8. Car Finder
9. Basic Programmable function

    (1)Dome Light Delay
    (2)Anti-Hijack function
    (3)Full 5 Main Function enable & disable
    (4)Central Door Lock Time alternative
    (5)Silent ARM
    (6)Safety Door Lock after IGN ON
    (7)Door Unlock upon IGN OFF
    (8)Car Horn vs. Alarm Siren
    (9)Chirp Time alternative
    (10)Default setting