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Mini Dual Zone Microwave Sensor (JS-MDMV)
  • Product ID : JS-MDMV
  • Description :

Supply Voltage: DC 9V~15V
Standby Current: 13mA/ DC 12V
Output: Negative pulse -200mA (Internal and External Zone)
Output Time: Less than 350ms(external zone); longer than 600ms(internal zone)
Detection Area(external zone): 3~4 meters (front side)
Detection Area(internal zone): 1~1.5 meters (front side)
Working Temperature.:-20˚C to 80˚C
Working Frequency: 2.4~2.48GHz
Dimension: 5.26cm(L) x 4.00cm(W) x 1.49cm(H)


Standard Features:
Mini Dual zone microwave sensor (radar).
2 protection zones.
Sensitivity adjustable.
360 degree protection.
Be able to drive an optional siren by additional relay.
Compatible with most alarm systems.
Two-color LED indication.
Detects movement of mass.
Non false alarm by temperature, wind, rain, noise or flying insects.
SMT design.