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Master Sensor of Automatic Lighting Control System (JSC-366ED)
  • Product ID : JSC-366ED
  • Description :

The LightMatic Automatic Lighting Control System consists of one "Master Sensor (Model: JSC-366ED)" and many "Slave Sensors (including PIR sensors or microwave detectors)" and is usually used in hallways in large apartments, hotels, office buildings, government offices, automatic assembly lines, or spaces where people don't stay for a long time in large parking lots, warehouses, outdoor gardens, and long corridors. When people are physically present in these public spaces, lamps sharing the same circuit in these spaces will turn on at one. When there is no one, they will turn off at once. This saves on electricity and enables people who come in and go out to have bright and safe activity spaces as well as comfortable atmospheres. The Master Sensor has the "Evening Lighting Timer Function (Dusk Activated Lighting)", which will automatically turn lights on at dusk to create a bright environment and to enhance ambience when used outside. For the energy-saving purpose, the sensor will automatically turn off lights and revert to the "PIR Auto Mode" after lights turn on continuously for 2~6 hours (adjustable by the DIP Switch). In the "PIR Auto Mode", lights turn on when there is movement within the detection zone, and lights turn off when no one is physically present. This ensures safety and convenience, saves energy, and reduces carbon emission.

● With "Dusk Activated Lighting" function (outdoor use) --- Utilizes photoresistor for environmental illumination level detections. At dusk, the sensor automatically turns on outdoor lights to create a bright environment and to enhance ambience. For energy conservation, the sensor turns off lights automatically and reverts to “PIR Auto Mode” after 2~6 hours (4 digital time setting). Under “PIR Auto Mode, lights will switch on automatically when an object enters the detection area. As soon as the object leaves the detection area, lights will switch off after the preset period of time (30seconds ~ 30minutes, adjustable).
● Unique add-on design “Shroud for Limiting Detection Zone” establishes smart living spaces. The inclusion of shroud aims at eliminating common false detections caused by movements of outdoor plants, pool reflection....etc.
● Designed to prevent damages caused by leaking ceiling (Operable outdoor under coverings).
● Have optical structural design that prevents false alarms caused by insect intrusions. May be used indoors or outdoors.
● Utilizes relay that can withstand inrush currents for longer product life.
● LED Indicator flashes to indicate detection.
● 360° detection angles with adjustable time setting.
● 16-Digital Light-ON Time Setting: OFF、TEST、30seconds、1minute、1minute 30seconds、2minutes、3minutes、4minutes、5minutes、6minutes、10minutes、15minutes、20minutes、25minutes、30minutes、ON. The lighting time can be set accurately.


Method of Detection
Passive Infrared (PIR)
Operating Voltage
Power Consumption
6mA (standby)
Time Setting
OFF、TEST30 seconds30 minutesON (16 digital time setting)
Twilight Setting
3 lux ~ lux (Adjustable)
3 lux ~ 40 lux (Dusk activation range)
Angle of Coverage
360 degrees (Top View) 140 degrees (Side View)
12 meters maximum (At 2.8 meters mounting height under 25℃ ambient temperature)
Operating Temperature
Output for Controlling Light
N.O. 10A maximum