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Restroom Commercial Lighting Sensor (JSC-366EM)
  • Product ID : JSC-366EM
  • Description :

Restroom Commercial Lighting Sensor
(For use at single stall public restroom)

The JSC-366EM Restroom Commercial Lighting Sensor can be used as an energy saving restroom light control system when installed in combination with magnetic switch to accurately control lights in single stall public restrooms. This unique application allows time setting flexibility such that two separate time settings are available for when restroom doors are opened or closed. With separate time setting, when leaving restrooms, light-off time can be shortened as desired. The optional LED restroom occupancy indicator combines this energy-saving application with functionality, making it ideal for usage in single stall public restroom, while automatic light “ON” or “OFF” function eliminates the need to touch conventional light switches, which also makes it ideal for places where hygiene and cleanliness is emphasized.


Method of Detection
Passive Infrared (PIR)
Operating Voltage
Power Consumption 8mA (standby)
Time Setting
(Restroom Light)
Door Closed (Magnetic Switch's Contact Closed)10 seconds 30 minutes (Adjustable 16 digit time setting combination)
Door Opened (Magnetic Switch's Contact Opened)10 seconds 4.5 minutes (Adjustable 8 digit time setting combination)
LED Restroom Occupancy Indicator
LED Indicator On (Occupied)Restroom door closed with motion detected in stall
LED Indicator Off (Vacancy)Restroom door ajar or no motion detected in stall
Sensor Output for controlling LED IndicatorN. O. 2A maximum
Twilight Setting
10~1000 lux (Adjustable)
Angle of Coverage
360 degrees (Top View) 110 degrees (Side View)
8 meters maximum (At 2.8 meters mounting height under 25℃ ambient temperature)
Pulse Count
1 or 2 (Selectable with DIP switch)
Operating Temperature
Output for Controlling Restroom Light
N.O. 10A maximum