Elder Care Occupancy Detector (PC-306C)
  • Product ID : PC-306C
  • Description :

The Elder Care Occupancy Detector can be used as a personnel safety guard detector when installed in combination with magnetic switch in single stall restrooms, living spaces, technical spaces, etc. This detector has an added micro controller unit with logic control to be used in combination with magnetic switch. If the object has been in abnormal status like remaining motionless for a long period of time (time is adjustable), an alarm will be initiated. Thus, administrators will be notified when the occupant has been immobile in single stall public restrooms, or technical spaces for a long period of time; caretakers will be reminded when the elder’s moving activity is abnormal in a living space; and family members or caretakers will be notified when patients or elders are immobile in restrooms or bathrooms for a prolonged period of time.


Method of Detection
Passive Infrared (PIR)
Operating Voltage
DC 12V
Power Consumption 0.1W (Stand-by)
Angle of Coverage
360 degrees (Top View) 110 degrees (Side View)
8 meters maximum (At 2.8 meters mounting height under 25℃ ambient temperature)
Pulse Count
1 or 2 (Selectable with DIP switch)
Operating Temperature
Alarm Output
N.O. 10A maximum *N.C. may be customized.
Alarm Initiating Time
Object remains motionless for 5 seconds ~ 24 hours (32 digital time setting) in detection zone.
Alarm Output Time
Continuous output or 5 seconds output